We make eyewear made of seeds!  We are not joking!

Working with plants is nothing new for the masters of wooden glasses. Their latest natural material istaken from a species of the Euphorbiaceae family and has proved itself to be a competent all-rounder.It has opened up a wealth of new possibilities for ROLF and as a material, its sustainability credentialsare particularly impressive.

“The plants are grown in tropical climates without any kind of geneticengineering, they don’t compete with food crops, and they can grow very tall, very quickly: where aspruce or a beech will only grow a few centimeters taller every year, this remarkable plant will shoot upsix meters in just four months, and it comes back every year,” explains company founder and visionaryRoland Wolf. This makes the new material more sustainable and kinder to the environment than ever–and the perfect foundation upon which to build a new collection of glasses calledsubstanceand meetthe current demand for more climate-considerate products.


Home is a place, where we feel at peace.
For our glasses this is the place of manufacture. Here, products come to life with sense of origin, reason and future. Every frame is part of this cycle for us.  A give and take relationship.



In between blanks and finished glasses there are up to 82 work-steps. Countless hours of work and a high manual practice are in need to manufacture a ROLF eyewear.

ROLF Spectacles produces everything home intern. We take our time and love, to create products with a personal touch.


Grounded and bonded strongly with nature, all workers move along the same path. Surrounded by an incredible backdrop, every products radiates the energy of nature.

The word sustainability gets a new meaning