German TV tests the ROLF bean glasses.

Is it really unbreakable? Not crazy enough sit on it, free fall from a bidge, run over by the car - there is hardly anything that the glasses does not survive. On top: Hacks for glasses wearers - and why they are actually smarter.

The bean glasses - that's what makes them so special:

People who wear glasses know it: The glasses falls on the floor, you accidentally sit on it or bend it in some other way. Something is broken again. And the optician says "hello" every day!

The company ROLF from Austria has sustainable glasses made from castor beans in its range - without any screws, flexible and extremely robust.

But is it really unbreakable? Galileo reporter Matthias steps on it, makes a knot in the temple, drops it from a 114 meters bridge and even rolls over it with the car.

The result: The glasses survived everything - and easily outperformed their competitors made of titanium and plastic in the test. You can see the experiment in the clip above.

watch the clip