Good Design Australia 2015

Sapphire 92 – “evolved | wood”

The eyewear frame “Sapphire 92” in bog oak-maple-bog oak out of the “evolved collection” represents a fine example of ROLF Spectacles’ natural eyewear handcrafted in Tirol, Austria. The delicate and noble frame is of sheer elegance. The design is subtle and timeless with a highlight on the precision and the loving attention to detail in the finishing process. The unique features include the special lens-glazing system and the patented wooden hinge, both invented by ROLF Spectacles. The “evolved collection” combines finest natural materials, excellent design quality and high-quality processing with real craftsmanship. The frames come with a wooden case, which is also handmade and produced in-house in the Tirol. “The ROLF Spectacles are exquisitely designed from every perspective. The designers have crafted a beautiful object with absolute attention to detail. The use of natural materials, innovative construction techniques and overall finish and quality is world class – all deserving of the highest design honour. This is truly a work of design genius and will have enormous consumer appeal in a very competitive market.” - Judges’ Comments

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