Some new awards

The fact that the eyewear from ROLF is convincing in terms of sustainability is proven by a series of awards that the company recently received. These include many prestigious awards such as the Green Product Award, for which ROLF is also nominated in 2022, the SEAL Business Sustainability Award and the New York Product Design Award.

rolf bohnenbrille NEVA offset honeybee eyewear detail web 01 min rolf.
rolf bohnenbrille NEVA offset honeybee eyewear detail web 01 min rolf.
Exhibition for the State Award for Design

Also, the exhibition for the State Award Design 2022 goes on tour and will be shown in Innsbruck and Dornbirn in autumn. The exhibition at design forum Steiermark will take place in spring 2023. Save the new Dates:

Wei sraum designforum Tirol: opening 29.9. until 23.10.2022
designforum Vorarlberg: November 2022
designforum Steiermark: March / April 2023

The State Award for Design

Every two years, the Federal Ministry for Digitalizations and Economic Location awards the State Prize for Design. The competition is organized by designaustria. An international jury of experts selected 28 innovative and future-oriented projects in the categories of Consumer Goods, Capital Goods, Product Design Interior and in the special awards Spaces & Environment and DesignImpact-Concepts. Their common denominators are groundbreaking progressiveness, social relevance and sustainability as essential topics of our time.