We are pleased to announce the SILMO d'OR in the category TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN EYEWEAR for the ROLF Spectacles mit « Amur 02 | plant-based eyewear ».

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Jury Statement European Green Award

Judges around the world awarded eyewear made by ROLF as an excellent sustainable product design that not only has ecological advantages, but also functional benefits for the user. The Judge also acknowledges ROLF‘s entrepreneurial mindset and the sustainable approach as a pioneering model for manufacturers who differentiate themselves in a mass market with quality and innovation.


Altogether, ROLF takes a path with its eyewear that extends far beyond the horizon of eco hype.

FLEXLOCK, patented eyewear hinge

A natural rubber ring connects the temple to the front and features the glasses with a multi-directional hinge - the patented FLEXLOCK eyewear hinge from ROLF.

Impressive what the metal-free and screw-free joint can withstand and how it reliably springs back from all directions.

Your flexible friend! Available in all our collections.

Wooden glasses - eyewear with soul.

Wood is known as a warm, haptic, robust, and durable material. Humans feel connected to natural materials and harmonize perfectly with the colors of nature.

In 2009, the ROLF manufactory has faced the challenge to produce eyewear from the sustainable material wood, with the aim and awareness to create unique eyewear pieces out of it. 

ROLF wooden glasses stand for the highest craftsmanship, the finest handwork, and high-quality design.

Stone glasses - eyewear with character.

ROLF stone eyewear - world launcht, presented for the first time at Silmo 2011 in Paris, which caused enthusiasm and amazement among customers and visitors. 

Making a pair of stone glasses is a tricky business. But the challenge of producing an eyewear frame from this unflexible material is typical of ROLF. 

We have developed new technologies to work and bend the stone without destroying its structure and color. Stone glasses are a perfect addition to the ROLF product portfolio, as it is also a natural material with unique structure and color nuances that have been emerged over thousands of years.

The natural horn glasses - eyewear with delicacy.

Hundreds of years ago, eyewear was already made from buffalo horn. ROLF has redefined the manufacturing process and challenged the properties of the natural material.  

A small group of selected employees has developed new production technologies for buffalo horn processing. What seemed impossible at first can now be realized. Eyewear made from a single piece of natural horn. The raw material is finished and polished by hand.  

Each pair of glasses is made from a single piece of horn, not laminated and with a perfect transition from the front of the eyeglass frame to temples.

The titanium glasses - eyewear made of powder.

Driven by the desire to create something new, ROLF has been inspired by technologies from a world that seems to be limitless - the outcome is printed glasses made of titanium. 

The final result is highly functional minimalism, both in terms of eyewear design and at the product level.

The ROLF titanium glasses convince with a high-tech, & futuristic design. Titanium is a lightweight, extremely high quality and noble material and therefore ideal for the production of spectacles.

An optimized and regional value-added chain and fine-tuning by hand in Austria turn a high-tech-titanium frame into a contemporary, sustainable designer piece.

Eyewear  out of seeds. We’re not joking!

The new substance collection of glasses by ROLF brings the power of plants to the fore. The starting point for the latest collection is a powder derived from a very specific plant. It brings with it a whole array of sustainable and functional properties that have enabled the tech- and design-driven company to develop innovative, plant-based eyewear.

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