Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler berichtete in seinem Design Feature über ROLF Spectacles. "The eyes have it - The new face of eyeglass design involved meticulous craftsmanship and engineering, natural materials, and no logos."

Your eyes are front and center on your face...unless, of course, your eyeglasses are. Once merely a tangle of acetate and plastic forever cockeyed and forgotten, they have increasingly garnered the attention of serious craftsmen.
The siblings at Rolf (Roland and Christian Wolf, Martin and Marija Iljazovic) spent two years in a cellar in Austria refining their idea of what eyeglasses could be. Wood and horn had been used in frames before, “but the materials had never been perfected, had never achieved the quality they could have,” says Martin Iljazovic. The team tried eighteen versions of wood hinges before they found a design that would keep the glasses open or closed and prevent the temples from stretching. They even invented the machines they needed for such precision work. “Christian was an architect, Marija was a technical engineer, I apprenticed as an agricultural engineer, and Roland is an optician,” Iljazovic says. (The company name is a mash-up of “Roland” and “Wolf.”) There are no logos: “Customers like the design, the materials, the technology,” says Iljazovic. “They buy it for themselves, not to show off the frame or the price to others.” John Malkovich, naturally, has a pair."
-- Rebecca Patton

ROLF Spectacles - Majestic 45 im Condé Nast Traveler