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The specialized optician “ROLF shop wien” at the Franziskanerplatz 3 in the inner city offers the perfect surroundings for ROLF Spectacles’ handcrafted eyewear frames with its quaint, old wooden facade. The location in Vienna’s 1st District, not far from the Wiener Stephansdom and yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, offers a special ambience.



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what honours our eyewear...

We combine love for design, fascination for natural materials and enthusiasm for craftsmanship.


“These amazingly lightweight, high-quality and skilfully finished frames look excellent and are pleasant to wear.”


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© Aurelien Covasso
© ROLF - Roland Wolf GmbH

our philosophy

„We take the time to advise and assist you in a pleasant environment. Glasses are not just a fashion accessory but also a medical product. We look for the perfect glasses to suit you and will adjust them for your utmost comfort.

Our lenses have the “made in Germany” quality seal and are produced with state of the art technology – anti-glare, scratch-resistant and nano-coated. Our frames are also hypoallergenic, being made out of  natural materials such as wood, stone and horn.

Our optician Manuela Sam is looking forward to welcoming you at our “ROLF shop wien”.

© Aurelien Covasso
© Aurelien Covasso

our architecture

Our passion for natural materials and the high quality standards were the most important parameters for the architectural concept of the new ROLF shop wien designed by Nana Architektur in Vienna.

Sales room, workshop and storage space have to fit in the most minimal space. The floor space of the shop covers only 8m² in total. The result is quite impressive: almost like a walk-through shop window with every inch being utilised in the most cleverly thought out way. Only the finest, natural materials are implied, in line with ROLF Spectacles' philosophy.

A visit to the ROLF shop wien certainly pays off: great architecture, finest natural eyewear and exquisite coffee at the traditional Viennese café “Kleines Café” next door.

finest craftsmanship

ROLF Spectacles produces everything in-house – from the eyewear cases to the sample cases to the exhibition stand, everything is „handcrafted in Tirol“.

"Passion for the old, enthusiasm for the new"

with the underlying motto ROLF Spectacles opened the ROLF shop wien designed by Nana Architektur in spring 2015.

Contact & Opening Times

ROLF shop Vienna
Franziskanerplatz 3 | 1010 Vienna

+43 1 5122984


Closed for vacation on 14. bis 16. July
30. July bis 06. August.


For repairs and service we are still there for you. Please contact us via e-mail service(at)rolf-spectacles.com.


Di-Fr   10-13 und 13:30 bis 18:00 Uhr

Saturday 11-17 Uhr


Opening hours Office Weißenbach
MO-Fr: 9:00 - 17:00

T. +43 5678 20077
F. +43 5678 20077 77
M. office@rolf-spectacles.com

From the 7th of September we are personally available for you again.