The words of a visionary

Why Titanium now?
And what is the deal with the FLEXLOCK?

The simple and functional design of the Flexlock hinges has led ROLF Spectacles  to penetrate a new world of materials. No screws, no solder joints - the Flexlock hinge is ideal for a variety of materials!

After winning the Silmo d’Or 2017 with the Flexlock in the category of technology and innovation for eyewear, prototypes of the hinge were made in numerous variations to determine which material would be best suited for a novel implementation.
It quickly became clear that 3D metal printing technology fascinates and challenges us the most. After the process and material were fixed, the titanium project was able to be launched

It is unthinkable for Roland Wolf to compromise on production and thus on the final result. This runs as a common thread through the entire company, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.