ROLF Spectacles moves from Tyrol to Milano to Seattle to New York! 

“We tried to develop the ROLF eyewear company in a way that the added value was as regional as possible. For us, this does not only mean that a product is sustainably created because we make glasses out of natural material. In our opinion, honest and real sustainability is that we produce everything in house in Austria and pay people here, that as much as possible the added value remains in the region. "

Christian Wolf, Rescue the Village Protagonist & ROLFspectacles co-founder in Weißenbach am Lech, Tyrol (1250 inhabitants)

The village is luck. That is what the pictures we have in mind say - the main square as a lively center, a grocer, an inn, and on the edge a view of meadows and farms. But the rural exodus puts the village to the test: the young educated people move away, the factories have to close, the shops are empty. But how can what makes a village stay alive?

RETTET DAS DORF shows new perspectives and potential and tells of people who contribute their ideas to a development that allows the village to live on: “It only takes two or three people who are passionate about one thing. And these people need to be supported and respected! "



a movie from Teresa Distelberger
start on the 28th of February 2020 in the Austrian cinemas!

With: Brigitte Jandrisevits, Gudrun Oberkofler, Fritz Pichler, Heidelinde Schuberth, Peter Kaltenegger, Michael Beismann, Kaspar Nickles, Christian Wolf, Theresa Steininger and many others

images © NGF

Die Regiesseurin Teresa Distelberger mit einer ROLF Holzbrille als Erinnerungsstück.