ROLF Spectacles moves from Tyrol to Milano to Seattle to New York! 

Matching to ROLFs sustainable eyewear frames, the upcycling-studio.com transformed "old" windows from a University and the packaging boxes of our machines for meeting and office space.


"Trash" at its finest.


Wooden cargo boxes, used glass, a couple of rollers screwed underneath - the new meeting box was ready. Inspired by skateboarding and snowboarding, two flexible boxes have been created as a mobile room-in-room system. The result is a space that should make room for conversation, for meetings, for reflection. Starting product is a wooden transport box, as they are used for the worldwide transport of large industrial machines. Typically, these transport boxes are disposable products that are discarded when the machine has reached its destination. The aim of the project was to create a space for start-ups who lack the money for expensive office space. And he should be mobile. That's why the rollers at the bottom. Used, for the conversion of the transport box, only used and cheap materials.


Graduated engineer Johannes Muensch- founder of upcycling-studio.com

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Watch the video about manufacturing the upcycling meeting boxes: