From powder to frame

The result is highly functional minimalism,

both in terms of production and product level.

DESIGN. Using design programs, our construction specialists and designers breathe life and elegance into the ROLF 3D-printed spectacles.

From the basic form to the technical innovations, such as hinges and glazing details, everything is designed and optimized in 3D programs.

After that, the whole thing has to pass our “design test”. Construction, fit and functionality are checked and approved for titanium printing.

PRODUCTION. Now the 3D printing starts. Powder and heat form the spectacle blanks.
The frames are then sanded, blasted, coated, tested and released for final processing by trained eyewear makers.

INNOVATION. Particular attention will be paid to our multi-directional Flexlock hinges. A printed polyamide insert and a rubber ring connect the front of the glasses with the temples.