Eyewear manufacturer ROLF prints glasses using plant-based material

The new substance collection of glasses by ROLF brings the power of plants to the fore. The starting point for the latest collection is a powder derived from a very specific plant.

23 frame designs in 6 colors

Proof that ROLF glasses aren’t just about the material but also about top design can be found in the substance collection’s extensive range of 23 frame designs. They are all available in a palette of six basic colors, making for an even more diverse and versatile offering. Refined contours, slim temples, and strategically placed curves turn each pair of glasses into a stunning yet functional accessory that’s also comfortable to wear.


Simultaneous hinge printing

ROLF’s award-winning Flexlock hinge has proven itself the ideal component. It can be printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology, meaning ROLF can make its new glasses all at once and therefore keep the number of external suppliers to a minimum. In addition to the high performance of the screwless and patent-pending Flexlock hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame.


why is the substance collection sustainable?