ROLF Spectacles moves from Tyrol to Milano to Seattle to New York! 

“We tried to develop the ROLF eyewear company in a way that the added value was as regional as possible. For us, this does not only mean that a product is sustainably created because we make glasses out of natural material. In our opinion, honest and real sustainability is that we produce everything in house in Austria and pay people here, that as much as possible the added value remains in the region. "

Christian Wolf, Rescue the Village Protagonist & ROLFspectacles co-founder in Weißenbach am Lech, Tyrol (1250 inhabitants)

First Award for Titanium!!!


ROLF Spectacles wins NYC's "LOFTxTEF AWARD 2019" in the category Best Technical Sunglasses 2019. 

The sunglasses model Osaka from the 3D printed Titanium Skyline collection won the LOFTxTEF Award and the whole ROLF team including their two US colleagues Dominik and Molly are thrilled about the victory. The award was given during the legendary LOFT Party in Manhattan. The prize was launched by TEF Magazine and the LOFT Eyewear Shows, which are known for supporting independent eyewear brands. The event "Awards for Excellence in Eyewear Design" was held for the first time. We are proud to have won the first award with a model of the new Titanium Skyline collection. Thank you for the great organization of the LOFT fair in New York.

See you next year!