overview collections

1. The main collection is classic, timeless, down-to-earth and available in in wood, special wood and stone.

main collection



2. The evolved collection is unique and elegant. The collection boasts a special nose bridge and specially shaped temple tips.

evolved collection



3. The excellence collection is delicate and exquisite in their shaping with a special emphasis on the elaborate details in the finishing. The meticulous finishing in two-tone styles and with engravings lend the eyewear frames a special and unconventional character.

excellence collection

main collection

The „main collection“ stands for tradition and roots as well as innovation and captivates with its classic, timeless designs, finest natural materials and a love for detail that shows in every single frame.

Passion for the old, enthusiasm for the new - design and innovation are paired with vision and love for detail in order to create something new without forgetting one’s values and inner beliefs. ROLF Spectacles combines best eyewear design with finest natural materials, innovative technologies and highest craftsmanship.



evolved collection

The “evolved collection” is a handmade, lightweight natural eyewear produced in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, originating from five years of eyewear design, research and development at the highest level. At this innovative, deeply-rooted company the goal is clear, setting new trends and staying true to one’s roots and principles. With five years of development and know how producing finest natural eyewear for the premium market, the “evolved collection” combines design excellence, finest materials and high-quality processing in the accustomed manner of craftsmanship. The “evolved collection” further highlights the clean-cut and three-dimensional design, displaying the different types of wood. The designs are elegant and sophisticated, the frames superlight and a delight to wear.



excellence collection

The characteristics of the new "excellence collection" are the more sophisticated wooden hinge, the optimised lens-glazing system and meticulously executed details such as two-tone styles and engravings. The symbiosis of high design quality requirements and state-of-the-art production technologies forms the basis for these innovations. During production the differing size tolerances of the non-homogeneous materials are compensated by implementing advanced 3D-measuring for the first time, which in turn maximises the design scope. Blank forms of 11 layers combined with the optimised lens-glazing system allow for extremely thin-rimmed frames