Testimonial | Felix Brunner

At the ROLF shop reutte Roland Wolf, CEO of ROLF Spectacles, presented Felix Brunner with his new ROLF wooden glasses out of the "evolved collection".

Felix Brunner is 25 years old - motivational expert and speaker. His passion are the mountains and the alpine sport, both in summer and winter. He loves mountaineering, climbing, skiing and the active life.

But then his life changed in an instant. Returning from an ice climbing tour he fell into a 30 meter deep gorge. In a dramatic rescue mission and with the courageous operation of the emergency doctor and the helicopter team, he was rescued suffering life-threatening injuries, however Felix survived. What followed was a long way back to normality: coma patient, 13 months in intensive care and 60 surgeries to this day.

His mantra: “Never give up!“ The highlight to date in his new life was the crossing of the Alps in summer 2013 with a handbike, being the first wheelchair user to do so. His second passion is alpine skiing. He spends all winter with monoski training and his biggest goal is to participate at the Paralympics in Pyeon Chang 2018.

„Mental power overcomes valleys, leads to the summit and reaches beyond the horizon."

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Felix Brunner - ROLF Spectacles' testimonial - with his new ROLF wooden glasses.