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Eyestylist.com's Joan Grady, the journalist and friend of ours, at the ROLF shop wien.

The ROLF shop wien is featured in the Eyestylist.com as "Boutique of the Month". The full article can be read on the link below, a little taster can be found here:

"Viennese coffee has a much-heralded reputation for its aromatic and delicious taste. The brew also appears to have inspirational qualities as well. It was over a coffee at Kleines, the celebrated Vienna Café, that Bernhard Wolf of ROLF Spectacles was first inspired to open the ROLF Boutique. Bernie was attracted to the welcoming shop design, with its original wood front still intact. ROLF is all about the craft of wood, nature and beauty."

ROLF shop wien - Joan Grady of Eyestylist.com