Good Design Award 2012 (JP)

Silverstone 41 – “main | stone”

ROLF Spectacles is always searching for new materials that correspond with the company philosophy. The challenge was to try out a material that was not yet used on the market. Stone glasses are the perfect addition to our innovative wood eyewear collections, since stone also offers unique characteristics, which have grown over thousands of years. The layered structure of shale lends a lively upscale surface and color to the frames. The known characteristics of shale have caused doubts about the viability of the project atthe beginning. In order to avoid destroying the stone during pressing, new technologies had to be brought in to use. 

Jury statement: This single-production eyeglass frame uses veneer as the base and cleverly coats the frame surface and temple arms with a thin piece of shale. It is one-of-a-kind and very unique in the way it utilizes the gentle quality, texture and the strong core of natural materials. The eyeglass frame is made without the use of metal parts and screws and the lenses are fitted in the frame in such a manner that they are secured without any tension. The entire production, all 78 stages, is done by hand, strongly demonstrating the producer and designer‘s care and sincerity toward handmade products through their devotion for craftsmanship. About the award: The Good Design Award has a long history stretching back more than 50 years. The present-day Good Design Award is given to design that enriches everyday life and is inspiring with an outstanding quality