Spark Design Award für ROLF Spectacles

Das ROLF Spectacles Brillendesign „Excellence 92“ aus der evolved collection wurde mit dem Spark! Award, dem höchsten Spark Product Design Award, ausgezeichnet.

“You've produced some really special designs. You should be very proud of these very Sparky designs.”
- Peter Kuchnicki, Spark Design Awards

Die Spark Product Awards Gewinner 2015 wurden in einem spannenden Auswahlverfahren ermittelt. Die Spark Product Jury kürte die besten Designs - 5 Spark! Awards, 4 Gold, 11 Silver und 17 Bronze Awards. Peter Kuchnicki, Spark Design Awards: "The work is outstanding and we applaud all the discipline, creativity and difficult choices that went into them. Bravo – entrants, finalists, winners and jurors of the 2015 Spark Product Design Awards!"


ROLF Spectacles Excellence 92 - Winner Spark Design Award 2015.