Testimonial | Erich Joham

The famous Viennese hairdresser Erich Joham, Salon ER-ICH, recently acted as ROLF Spectacles model in front of the photopgrapher Stefan Joham's camera. Father and son.

"Like father, like son" - Stefan Joham, son of famous hairdresser, journalist and actor Erich Joham, is photographer with love, creativity and coolness.

Father and son were taken by the handcrafted ROLF wooden glasses, made with passion and love for detail from people for people. Wooden glasses, stone glasses, horn glasses or sunglasses, ROLF Spectacles eyewear is for people who are different, people who seek the extraordinary.

We would like to thank Erich and Stefan Joham for their support and the great time.

Stefan Joham Photography