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The „main collection“ stands for tradition and roots as well as innovation and captivates with its classic, timeless designs, finest natural materials and a love for detail that shows in every single frame.


Passion for the old, enthusiasm for the new - design and innovation are paired with vision and love for detail in order to create something new without forgetting one’s values and inner beliefs. ROLF Spectacles combines best eyewear design with finest natural materials, innovative technologies and highest craftsmanship.



quality checks | testing hinge

The in-house research and development team works on the product quality on a daily basis. Our frames are put to the test, whether in the climate chamber or in specially developed tests. The test results speak for themselves - after minimum 3000 cycles in the hinge test the hinge remains stable, with no automatic opening and closing of the hinge and the temples.


A Delight to wear

Passion for the old, enthusiasm for the new - the ROLF Spectacles team combines a love of design, fascination for wood and the enthusiasm to create new things which have never existed before. This resulted in the ROLF Spectacles range: glasses made from wood, stone and wood combinations and horn. 

The story

ROLF Spectacles natural eyewear is popular with press and TV. | © ROLF - Roland Wolf GmbH


ROLF Spectacles produces extremely light, premium eyewear in-house in Tirol. The handcrafted frames made from natural materials (wood, stone and horn) are popular with press and TV.



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ROLF Spectacles is internationally awarded for design, material, innovation and technology. | © Robert Eder


ROLF Spectacles has won a number of international awards for design, material, innovation and technology. The Silmo d'Or 2009 in the category "Technology and Innovation" was the first of now over 20 awards in 10 countries.



The ROLF shop wien offers finest, handcrafted eyewear and best customer service. | © Aurelien Covasso

ROLF Shops

The ROLF shops, the ROLF shop wien and the ROLF shop reutte, offer our award-winning ROLF eyewear (wooden, stone and horn glasses and sunglasses), professional consultation and excellent customer service. Our opticians are looking forward to welcoming you.


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ROLF Partner

Our certified ROLF partners guarantee professional eyewear consultation and excellent customer service with personalised fitting of your ROLF frames.

ROLF Spectacles Fireflite from the advanced collection. | © Robert Eder



The „advanced collection“ is characterised by bulkier glasses and the design is emphasised by the pronounced three-dimensional composition. New wood combinations and the finest sanding by hand mean that each ROLF advanced eyeglass frame is an elegant piece of craftsmanship.

ROLF Spectacles Foursome 102 - iF Design Award 2015. | © Robert Eder



The „evolved collection“ combines the existing design excellence, finest natural materials and high-quality processing with craftsmanship second par none for a new level of finest natural eyewear.



The new excellence collection represents lightness, grace and sheer eleganceThe classic designs are delicate and exquisite in their shaping with a special emphasis on the elaborate details in the finishing. Engraved eyewear frames and two-tone styles show highest precision and love for detail.